Event coverage 

     1stTakeMedia can produce a video for any business, individual, family or event. Our videographers are talented and experienced. The first step to any production is planning. We discuss your video with you to find out what your goal is and how you plan to use the video. We will be happy to guide you on production aspects like microphones, lighting, camera locations and techniques to improve the final product. On the day of the event, we try to be inconspicuous but not at the sacrifice of quality. We know budget can be a concern, so we will work with you to plan a production to fit your needs.

     We will handle the details to make sure your video is the way you want it. We can then edit the video to create a memorable, entertaining and emotional video production. Anyone can hold a video camera, but if you want a professional production, without the hassles of relying on amateurs, contact MVP. From special events to annual occasions, we will produce the video (Blu-ray, DVD or file) that will stand the test of time.


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